Robina Nalumansi

I want to help others change their lives the way I was able to change mine

“We hope you enjoy what we have made. We have enjoyed making them.

"Before I received training I was lost, I was helped and I want to give something back.

“My husband died in 2004 when my children, Ritah, Ndego, Night and Deborah were very young. He had been very sick and when he died I was thrown out of my home by my in-laws. They took all of my property and I had no where to live.  I was left with nothing and I had no way of earning a living. I came to the Kampala with my children in search of work.

“But I became very sick – a volunteer health worker from Tusitukirewamu womens group came to my home. I later found out they had heard about me and visited me as part of their community outreach.

"With care and support from womens in the group I was able to access treatment and get well again. Now I am on anti retroviral drugs. They also helped me to get training in tailoring & knitting from TASO (the Aids Support Organisation).

“These women saved me and and now I embrace the group because I want to give something back. I started volunteering with them in 2006, now I works for the organisation training guardians, vulnerable youths and commercial Sex workers who want to learn skills so they can change their lives."