Ways to Help

Fancy getting involved? From volunteering, film nights, workshops, festivals, cycles or putting on your own event there are plenty of ways to help and have fun!

Offer your skills

Awamu is unique as all our work is driven by the generosity of volunteers giving their time and expertise, this keeps our overheads to a minimum and reflects our core belief that if we all work together we can change lives. Check our volunteering page for the latest roles and get in touch.

send a child to school

£25 a month will ensure a child gets the education that is vital to their future. £25 a month could cover the cost of school fees, uniforms, jumpers, shoes, text books, pens and pencils for one child. Set up a gift now.

Start up a business

Make a donation to help women like Grace learn new skills and start their own business. It costs just £85 to provide skills and a small loan to start a business

Your gift could help to change a young woman’s life, the life of her family and even the lives of other women and girls in her community.  Make a donation now.


Send eCards with a donation of the cost of cards to Awamu. It's easy, environmentally friendly and helps Awamu. Send an ecard now.

Find the perfect gift

Handmade for you in Kampala. buy clothes, homeware and bags from our online store. Shop now.


There are so many ways that you can help us by fundraising - host a party, a club night, a film night or swim the channel!

Make sure you set yourself a Just Giving page set up if you are planning on fundraising for us, we’ll be notified straight away and we can cheer you on!

Whether you’re entering a pre-organised marathon or holding a workshop we’re happy to support you in anyway we can. Please get in touch if we can be of assistance.

Donate fabric and sewing equipment to Awamu

If you are thinking of having a spring clean and you have cotton fabric (or any natural fabric) to give away, please consider donating it to us.  

We can use for it training or transform it into something stunning to raise money to help more women and children. We need:

  • Fabric - especially plain cotton fabrics, cord, canvas and denim.

  • All sewing equipment can be found a new home where it will be loved and used.

Please get in touch if you can help.

Donate your old digital camera or AUDIO EQUIPMENT

If you’ve upgraded & have any old or unused digital cameras perhaps you would consider donating them to us. Our women’s groups in Kampala really needs them to help keep records of children’s progress, gather evidence to protect them & feedback to funders.

We use audio equipment to train children how to research, produce, present, record, edit and broadcast radio shows and podcast. 

Please get in touch if you’d like to know more.