Sarah Namagada

Sarah with her extended family of fostered children

Sarah with her extended family of fostered children

Sarah cares for eight children (not 16 as she says in the video – lost in translation!).

Her own daughter and seven foster children including her niece Delphine. Though she supports many more orphaned children in the community, visiting them delay to check on their progress.

They live in small hut made from  corrugated iron and mud and with two people to a single bunk bed and two on the floor.

All of the children she looks after are in school, she told us 'I make these beads so my children can go to school. Education is everything, my children must go to school so they can all have better lives than this'.

There is a massive problem with rubbish in the slums of Bwaise and Kikoni-Makerere as the government privatised collection and families can’t afford to pay for it to be taken away.

When there is heavy rain in Bwaise and  Makerere floods, rubbish gets washed into water channels that over flow and runs through peoples houses. The women’s groups we work with are trying to find creative ways to recycle what is around them.