A is for.....


So in the run up to our (MASSIVE) cycle to Paris we’ve be thinking about how to make our fundraising more fun for everyone (*rather than just bullying all our friends, colleagues and even strangers into sponsoring us) and we couldn’t come up with one good idea...NO, we've have LOADS!

Some are silly, some are educational, some for adults and some for kids but all have your pleasure (and raising money) in mind. We hope that their will be something for everyone in the frenzy of events we have lined up for you to get involved in......

....we present the awamu ABC of fundraising...<dramatic pause>.. and here is just a hint at what some of the wonderful things we have lined up....Animal Auctions,  Badgers Bingo Bonanza!, Magic Lantern mystery cinema, Pre loved and Vintage sales, Word up! games nights, Zebra sewing workshops (well, we have A and Z covered!)

We’re starting with A: Animal Auction..

This is serious, we love all our animals and we of course will give them a good home what ever happens but the truth is they want to be like the other animals - fly the nest (can use that expression for giraffes?) and find permanent homes for themselves.

It breaks our hearts but these little creatures can't be sold on our normal website as they don't conform to the standard but if you think you can give one of these special creatures a permanent loving home please lets us know by getting in touch and telling us what you will name them, placing a bid and the reason you would be a good owner to us by the 27th of May.

We hope there is someone out there who will love them x