A special day....and a perfect present for a crafty friend!


So (or should that be ‘sew’ – yes I AM sorry)….last year we had an idea which bought a lot of happiness to the children we are supporting…I will let Florence from tusitukirewamu explain: “Thanks for everything that you have all achieved for the children in our care – they are very special children and we really appreciate everything that you have all done for them.

"As you know they rarely get the chance to eat well and most have never left this area apart from when you were able to support us - these trips out bought so much joy."

Playing in the park after visiting the zoo

With the help of our friends and my colleagues at ActionAid we were able to raise enough money to take all our kids for a couple of brilliant days of fun, food and freedom from the slum! You can see more photos here.

The total number of children we are supporting is 66 and the cost of travel and food would be £12 per child.

This means that if we can raise an extra £792 over the next few weeks Florence and the women who are caring for the children will be able to organise a special festive treat.

To help us achieve this – there are several ways you can help (nothing like a single minded proposition eh!)....

DONATE.…and if you can’t afford £12 that’s fine – any amount will make a big difference!


TAKE PART...as our animals sold out so quickly (you all seem to love them!) we thought some of you might want to have a go at getting creative and making some of your own…we will be hosting our own mini sewing workshop Sunday the 16th of Jan, the venue is in Bowling Green Lane, Islington.

Our volunteer guest tutors will show you how to make some wonderful and contemporary stuffed animals. You’ll work from a basic pattern, which can be used and adapted again and again. Perfect for learning how to make toys for your friends and relatives no matter what age!

*All materials will be included in the £12 fee and every penny will go towards helping our children in Uganda. And of course, there will be tea, coffee and homemade cakes available.

So if you fancy getting creative in January please book your place by buying here or if you want to buy a class for someone else as a gift for Christmas then just let me know their details and we can send you or them with a gift certificate to redeem on the day.

If you’d like to take part but this date isn’t good for you then let us know because if there is an interest we will look into more convenient dates.

Hope you like the idea...


*we will be supplying materials but if there is anything special you want to bring along or you have any fabric or thread that you would like to donate to our project this would be the prefect time to bring it along. Please note all fees are non-returnable.