Adventures in growing food in the city


Have you been out in the garden this weekend? So have we! With your support we’ve now kicked off five ‘Awamu gardening clubs’  including three in schools (two Primary and one Secondary).

We’ve seen hunger crush the aspiration of even the brightest and most ambitious children we work with which is why we were determined to scale up our food garden project.

Our gardens will not only be a source of food for over 600 children and 150 vulnerable women in the slums of Kampala, they’ll also learn how to run them as enterprises and start their own saving groups from the profit they make selling the excess vegetable.

Many of the children we've enrolled in the project aren't in school because their guardians can't afford the fees or uniforms.

This is an opportunity for them to learn agricultural and business skills that could be vital to their future.

It’s thrilling to watch this project grow and the joy that is brining to Silvia, Tom and all our friends that you’ll met in this film we made for you.

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