Awamu Radio, Ep.4: Happiness

The forth episode of our radio podcast series is available to listen to now!

In this episode Hameria interviews Edrine and asks him for his ideas about how to attain happiness.

Diana introduces herself and talks about her ambition to be an actor – the things she wants to do and the places she dreams of going to.

Tonny breaks our hearts by dedicating his favorite song to his mum and all women in the world. You'll also hear music from our children's performance in Kikoni. Idents by Umaru; Vincent; Deborah and Winnie.

Made by the children and youth of the slums of Kampala with little help from us.

This is your opportunity to hear voices from the most powerless in society, voices that don’t have a platform anywhere else. Meanwhile, they are learning to research, present, record,  edit, and present a radio show, and having a lot of fun doing it!

Enjoy listening!

Click to go to Ep. 4

Click to go to Ep. 4

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