Awamu wins the Aspire Foundation/Avanade 'We Are Africa' campaign


We're thrilled and honoured that last night we won the M.A.D. (making a difference) 'We Are Africa' fund for our community food garden project. The fund is going to ensure over 600 children like Jaliya don't have to go to school hungry.

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Jaliya is the reason I started Awamu. Like all the children we work with she really, really, really wants to get an education.

But in the slum she lives in - poverty is rife - families live on less that 50p a day and over 40% of households are involved in sex work.

She believes that school is her route out of the exploitation and violence she sees around her everyday.

She wants to be a doctor - but more than that - she wants to reform the whole health system in Uganda because she knows what it means to be sick and alone in the world.

She believes that with better healthcare, children like her won't need to be orphans.

She is always early to school and top in her class - she is amazing!

But we've seen hunger crush the aspirations of even the brightest, most hardworking children.

And that is why we started this project.

Can you imagine the potential this is going to unleash?

Thank you to Aspire and Avanade for this amazing opportunity.

Watch our film now to see how this fund is going to impact on the lives of our children. We look forward to sharing the progress of our project with you all in the coming months.

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