Celebrating Grace on International Womens day


The team in Bwaise, Kampala, is made of women from the community volunteering their time and energy to deliver support and service to the most vulnerable.

Awamu only exists to help them do more.

To celebrate International Womens Day this year, they decided they would honour and recognise women who have given their all to help people in their community.

Grace (pictured), who you will remember from previous updates, was amongst those recognised.

‘Without external help she has managed to change lives in our community. She has been a volunteer for over 20 years helping hundreds of families to cope with hiv. She has taken in five foster children to belong to her family we are recognising Grace Nansubuga as a woman who has truly changed lives.’

We celebrate the determinations and impact Grace and the whole team make everyday.

Their drive to make a better world for children in their community is mindblowing!

Awamu Together