Edith and Joshua

I was invited to visit Edit and Joshua and this is what Edith asked me to share with you..

“My life used to be so hard, I had no one to talk to. I felt so alone and I didn’t no how to cope.

“When my husband died, Joshua was just two months old. Suddenly Josh started becoming very ill. I took him to the hospital and we were both tested for HIV – I was told we were both positive. I thought it was a death sentence.

“Joshua continued to be ill and I spent a lot of time in and out of hospital and it was hard to cope with alone but I knew I had to ‘cope up’, accept my situation and get on with this new life. We got treatment and Joshua’s health has stabilised.

“Awamu has given my family so many opportunities – when I was told I could get support for Joshua to go to school that was the first blessing.

“The I received training on how to grow mushrooms - I worked really hard and I was asked if I wanted to join the tailoring training. It had been my dream to learn tailoring. I enjoyed it so much.

“But then came my greatest opportunity – because I worked so hard I was selected to receive training on how to teach tailoring. I graduated in March and have now trained over 45 orphans in tailoring.

“I’m so happy. Because now I can look after Joshua – before I struggled to find food but now we eat three times a day. I can’t believe how much our life has changed. I think of your everyday - thank you”