Food for education


Our exciting new project to help 60 mum's like Grace grow healthy, nutritious food for their families. Many of the children we work  with have been born with HIV and are on anti retroviral (ARV) medication.

They must take their medicine 2-3 times a day and it must be taken with food or it will make you REALLY sick, cause a lot of pain and can cause long-term damage.

Sadly, most of our children are lucky if they get one meal a day as their parent or guardian has less than 0.50p a day to feed the whole family.

Typically that meal will be a bowl of maize porridge, which contains little nutritional value.

Experts agree that hunger and malnutrition have serious, long term negative consequences on cognitive ability, social and emotional development, and motor and sensory skills. They have little chance of succeeding at school as hunger also limits the ability to learn.

As the families we work with live in an urban area there is little very little space available for growing food, no good topsoil and a lot of contamination from open drains.

But working together with mum's like Grace we've come up with have a plan!

We want to build raised beds with 60 families so they can learn how to grow healthy nutritious food for the kids.


We know it can work as the pilot project , a handful gardens built by Mums like Grace,  is already having a huge impact on her families health, education and income.

To complete the project we need to raise £5,683 to build 60 gardens. That works out at £99.35 per garden or (as there are on average 4 children household that we are targeting) just £24.83 per child.

All the money we raise will buy soil, seeds, tools and training for 60 families and will help to feed hundreds of children for many years to come.

So please consider helping us by making a donation!

This is what your donation will help to buy....

  • £5.56 could buy a water can for one family
  • £9.26 Could cover the cost of training one mum
  • £23.68 Could cover the cost of a garden for one child
  • £48 Could buy 12 tree saplings
  • £94.72 Could cover the cost of a garden for one family
  • £278 Could cover the cost of materials for building gardens for the whole project
  • £500 Could cover the cost of training all 60 families
  • £889 Could cover the cost of all the soil we will need to truck in to grow healthy, nutritious food
  • £1,389 Could buy all the seed for 60 families