“I never thought this was possible. Thank you”


You may remember Fatuma from our  previous updates, she and her three children were left destitute after floods washed away their home and few possessions. But with the money we raised from some of you lovely people we were able to give her a surprise that has changed her life.

A few months on we’ve just been to see what a difference your support is making...

25 mins on Matatu (a local bus) from MAWDA’s office in Makerere we find Fatuma sitting behind her sewing machine in a little space at the side of a shop.

Fatuma greets us with her warm smile and says: “Welcome to my workshop”.

fatuma4 crop awamu“I knew about the local school here and thought ‘they will need uniforms’. When I came to visit the area I realised there was no-one else with a sewing machine or tailoring business here.

“I met the people who own the shop and noticed that there was a good flow of people past their door so I asked if I could set up my shop next door. The area is being developed heavily, there are lots of new houses being built and new families are moving in everyday.

“Most of my business is repairing, people bring me clothes and for 1000 shillings (0.17p) each I repair them. I’ve also been making dresses and school uniforms. Saturday is my best day for sales.

“With my sewing and mushroom growing I’m now able to save about 2,000 per week. I use my other profit to buy soap, food and metal sheets for our new house! Yes, can you believe it? I am building a house for my family.

“I told you my dream was to have a small plot, where I can make a home for my family, where we didn’t have to worry about landlords and flooding…well that dream is starting to come true.

“I never thought this was possible but now I have a small plot. It is big enough to build a small house and have a little garden with banana trees and vegetables.

“Peter at MAWDA is giving me help to learn how to keep books so I can tally my investments. This is something I really need support on as I want to make sure that my business succeeds and I can pay back my loan so other women can have this opportunity.

“In the future I want to add a wooden sides my workshop to stop the sun and rain and would like to have hooks on the back wall to show more products that I have made. I have also started frying cassava to sell to the school children as snacks.

“I’m so happy because my dream to have a place where we can be peaceful, grow food and I can look after my children feels much closer now – Thank you.”

Thank you for giving Fatuma the opportunity to take control of her life and look after her lovely children Winnie, Akram & Esther.

Want to help a mum like Fatuma start a business, take control of her life and help her children get the education that is vital to their future? Set up a regular gift to awamu today.