Inspiring social enterprise


“Supporting awamu has made our school business a social enterprise and given meaning to our work. It has motivated us to do our best for the children in Kampala. Teacher Linda Murray explains how partnering with awamu has inspired the whole school. Here is an audio -visual that our wonderful music teacher Angelina Heemskerk put together about awamu-kilpatrick working together for the social enterprise awards in Edinburgh.

Like awamu The Kilpatrick Work Shop is a social enterprise. Pupils make a range of handcrafted items in our workshop, which we sell in our gift shop every Friday morning.

We have been running for 12 years. We started with seven pupils and now have over sixty pupils contributing to the shop

Inspired by awamu

At the beginning of this school year we wanted to use our enterprise to help other young people to have opportunities. We came across an article in Making magazine featuring Emma and the work of awamu. After reading Jaliya’s story we decided that we wanted to support the children in Kampala.  kilpatrick school ethical recycled jewelleryWe developed the awamu-kilpatrick-together range of jewellery. We make bracelets and necklaces using Sarah’s colourful recycled paper beads together with our ceramic beads. £2.50 from the sale of each jewellery item goes to supporting the wonderful work of awamu. We also make awamu awareness bracelets from seed beads and 50p from each sale goes to awamu.  


Over £700 raised for awamu food for education project

We have sold over 40 awamu-kilpatrick-together bracelets and were really excited when the gift shop at Clydebank Museum recently placed a huge order of awamu-kilpatrick-together jewellery.

Our school Cafe puts out an awamu collection jar every Friday and the staff supported awamu as their Christmas charity. So far we have raised £700 which means seven vegetable gardens for awamu’s vegetable garden project! Hooray!

We are aiming to build as many vegetable gardens as we can for the Food for Education project in Kampala.

Watch out for our healthy eating recipe book, which will feature recipes and drawings from Clydebank to Kampala!


If you would like to get involved, donate or volunteer for awamu please get in touch.