'Its like we’re now living someone else’s life – a better life.'


In January I shared the story of Justine and her children Margaret, Wilson and Linda.

Their Dad left when Linda was born with Down Syndrome, but not before taking away the small business she had built up which helped her look after her children.

She was struggling to earn enough them to survive and had to leave the children alone in at night to sweep roads.

But now, because of Justine’s determination and your generosity, Margaret and Wilson are in school and Justine started a business selling Irish potatoes from home so she doesn’t have to leave Linda for long hours.

‘I am originally from Mityana district. I came to Kampala to join my husband who had got a job here making furniture.

‘When I came to Kampala I had some money that I had saved. I used to sell second hand clothes – mostly skirts. I built up some stock and some regular customers. It meant I could buy little things for the children.

‘After Linda was born my husband gave my business to his son from his first marriage. It broke my heart. He then left us a few weeks later.

‘I was relieved when he left, it meant we no longer had to live in fear of him. You see, since I arrived in Kampala, I realised my husband had turned into a violent, bitter man.

‘But I was stuck, I couldn’t see how we could survive – what kind of future we could have.

‘The only job I could find was sweeping the road at night and I had to leave my children alone all night. We had to shift from the place we were living because it flooded.

‘I could then only afford to pay the rent for our room but I couldn’t buy food. I ended up having to beg neighbours for food. It was so humiliating.

‘I was so happy I’ve had this second chance to start a new life for us all. I can’t describe – its like we’re now living someone else’s life – a better life. The children are now happy – they love school so much. Margaret always tell me ‘I want to stay all night’.

‘Their father never wanted them to go to. I never went to school. I know if I did life would be very different. Now I have the chance to make sure my children get an education. Thank you.’ Justine.

A huge thank you to everyone that donated – you’ve helped Justine transform the lives of her family!

And extra thanks Vannie Baldry, Miko Coffee, Annie Burge, Fiona Egan, Kate Nappier and Kerry Pilbeam and anyone the contributed to crocheting at Together 2018 - Linda loved her beautiful new blanket.

Margaret, Wilson and Linda on their door step

Margaret, Wilson and Linda on their door step

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