We are incredibly grateful to everyone that has given to help Grace take care of the children we told you about last week.

We’ve been blown away by your response – thank you.

We’re sorry to be the bearers of sad news again today but felt we should share in case you are able help.

Eight years ago the team in Bwaise found a severely malnourished two month old baby abandoned in a house. His name was John.

His mother, who was a sex worker, had been struggling to take care of him. We found out later that she would leave him locked in the house when she went out and one day she just never came back. 

He was taken in by Prossy, one of our awesome Community Volunteers, until they managed to track down and reunite him with his father.

John has been living with his father for the last seven years and Grace (Yes, the same amazing Grace who has just taken in the family we told you about last week) has been making regular visits to their home to give some extra support to family.  

Sadly, after a long battle, John’s father has just died.  

John, now 8 years old, has no other relatives to look after him.

The team are trying desperately to trace any relatives but we’ve had no luck so far.

With no other viable alternative, and because she has a huge heart, Grace has taken him in to her extended family until the team can find a permanent solution.

This, very sadly, is the reality that extreme poverty creates for children in Bwaise.

We are so thankful that there are women like Grace trying to hold together their community despite having so little themselves.

Because his father has been ill and not able to earn a living, John has been out of school for some time. We are giving Grace some extra support so she can take care of him but we’d also love to be able to create some new stability in John’s life by enrolling him into school.

If there is anyone out there who has been considering making a donation or not had the time to do it yet – please, please take action today.

It costs £20 a month to put a child through school.

Could you set up a regular gift or make a donation to help cover school fees, uniform, jumper, shoes, books and pens? 

Every penny will have a huge impact on John and the children living with Grace.  

Thank you again to everyone that has donated, sent their love and fundraised – your support means the world to us and the women and children we work with in Kampala.


Prossy with John eight years ago

Could you set up a regular gift or make a donation to help

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