Look what you have done!


Before we crack ahead with the rest of 2016 we wanted to take a moment to celebrate what you have helped to achieve over the last year. Look at what you have done! AnnualReportGraphic

Despite the challenges they face everyday, 23 of our children including Fiona and Edrine (below) have graduated to Secondary School this year. They worked their socks off and we’re incredibly proud of them.

Only 23% of boys and 19% of girls have the opportunity to finish secondary school in Uganda and we are determined to support our children complete the education that is vital to their future.

Last year we also introduced a specially tailored peer counselling and sexual reproductive rights programme so children are better armed to make decisions about their lives.

Thank you for making all this possible, we love you for it.


Here are Fiona (pink dress) and Edrine (maroon jumper) receiving the news that they have graduated Primary School with the highest grades in their class.

It will cost £25 a month to support Fiona or Edrine through school, this will pay for their school fees, uniform, shoes, books and pens.

Could you make it possible for them to complete their secondary education? Set up a gift to sponsor them now.