Meet Shifra


Shifra was born in Bwaise, when she was just 3 months old when her Mother died leaving her with her father.


Her father didn't care for her, she wasn't fed regularly or bought clothes. He would come back to the shack they lived in to sleep and leave her there alone all day.

Neighbours would come and give her little food when they could.

When she was 4, he abandoned her completely - he left the shack and her in it.

Rukia, one of the group of awesome women we work with, found her on one of her routine visits in the community after a neighbour reported that a little girl had been abandoned in the house.

She was extremely malnourished and weak when they found her, she had nothing but a torn t-shirt to her name and weighed a pitiful 10kg.

Rukia and team took her straight to the hospital, where she was immediately given medicine and peanut butter at the hospital to boost her weight and energy.

The team rallied around to get her some new clothes and she was taken in by Florence who is the Programme Coordinator for the women's group we work with in Bwaise.

Sharifa is now 5 and you can still see scarring from undernourishment on her head. She is still small for her age and the team take her for frequent visits to the hospital, but she weighs over 25kg now and is now much better.

She should have started school last year but Flo had no money for the fees as she already cares for 13 siblings and fostered children.

We really need help to ensure that Sharifa and children like her can go to school. If you can help with fees, uniform, books and pens by setting up a regular gift or making a donation we'd really love to hear from you.