Milly, Nassiwa and Shellat

 This is Milly and her two children Nassiwa (6 years) and Shellat (4 years).

You can’t tell from this photo but both her children are very malnourished. I would have guessed Shellat was around two years because he was so small.
Milly’s husband ran away when he found out he was HIV positive, leaving her with the children and no other relatives she could turn to.
She has been staying in temporary accommodation that a well-wisher let her use. No one else wants to live in it as it is damp all year round.

Milly tries to find different ways to earn an income, she sometimes gets work washing others people clothes – this can pay up to 400 ugx (0.90p) if you can find enough jobs to keep you busy all day.

This level of work is rare and, something I found rather cruel, was knowing that Milly is so desperate for work and alone with her children, she has been tricked into doing jobs and then not paid.

Her eldest girl, Nassiwa, hasn’t been to school for two years because Milly can’t pay the fees. They live on one meal a day if they are lucky.

The family were already identified to join our programmes when we get the funding but things have accelerated.

A few days ago heavy rains meant the water rose and flooded through their home.

The one bed they share was already on bricks, but the filthy water washed away their few possessions and contaminated everything else.

They’ve been left with nothing.

We want to be able to get the family some clothing, blankets and a contribution towards food – but beyond this we need to find people willing to support in the longer term so Milly can join our skills training programme.

We can train her in skills so she can increase her earning potential, start a little business, take control of her life and look after her children.

We also want to find people willing to help send Nassiwa and Shellat to school. If you are able to be one of those people sign up here.

If you can't please share with other who might.