Mums can change the world


Meet Winnie and her mum Fatuma and see for yourself why Winnie is so proud of her mum...

When Fatuma's husband dies suddenly and she found out both her and two of her children were also HIV positive.

In shock she struggled to look after her children alone, they live in a tiny shack that fills with water when it rains and they eat weeds picked from around the slum area they live which have been contaminated with sewage.

She told me “I had given up, I thought my life was over”.

Through our education fund we’ve have been able to enroll Winnie in school and Fatuma was one of 80 women who joined our skills training and enterprise project - she's joined the tailoring programme and is learning skills that are already helping her earn money and care for her family.

"Now I realise I'm not finished - it's made me feel good about myself. We now plan together for the future as a family. I'm so happy.'

Winnie says “My mum is the best mum in the world. She works so hard and I love her

And now, because of your support, this November we’ll be building raised garden beds (so crops can’t be contaminated by sewage) and supplying training, soil, seed and tools to 60 families including Fatuma’s.

We'll be sending an updates direct from Kampala as soon as we get building, digging and planting but in the mean time THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts,

Team awamu...

Winnie, Fatuma, Emma, Steve, Kerry and all our friends in Kampala