No slippers, no entry!


A stunning £352.08 was raised from by the amazing folks at  Magic Lantern Film Club in Bristol for projects with the inspirational woman and children we work with in Kampala, Uganda. Kerry told me "With their slippers on, Corrie on record player and head scarfs wrapped tightly round their blue rinses, 40 guests meet at bus stop 'Bb' on Baldwin Street to be led to their secret film watching destination.

magiclantern bus

"Once slippers were assessed attendees were handed a goody bad including Werther's originals, an 'extremely hard' crossword, song sheet for ‘We’ll meet again’ and a return magic bus ticket to the secret location.

"When viewers had been guided to their secret destination. handed a cup of Bovil and snuggled into their high backed chairs they were treated short film ‘The Wednesdays’ by Conor Ferguson, a touching tale of an elderly couple who get up to some shenanigans you wouldn’t expect, followed by the main flick of the night Harold an Maude"

THANK YOU and big love from all of us in Kampala to everyone that came along, everyone that organised and made cake - you're amazing!