Our new shop is open for business!


We've been bursting to share our new range with you, we hope you like what you see AND that you see something you must have! All our products are inspired by colour and print. We love vintage and treasuring things forever.


We are passionate about handmade, ethical production and a connection between you and the women, who put time, skill and loving care into making these items for you.

For every beautiful item produced and sold there is an equally beautiful change happening in the communities of our tailors in Kampala - every penny raised through sales and donations is used to support orphaned and vulnerable children and will train more women with the skills they need to support their families.

Each item is labelled with the name of the women who made it and you can now see photos of the maker next to each item they have crafted in our shop.

Please come in and meet my friends have a look round our shop  and help us spread the word on facebook, twitter or by sharing this page

Kevin the Zebra  - "Stand out from the dazzle!"
*Zebra facts: There are three accepted collective nouns for a group of Zebra's - herd, zeal or (our favorite), a dazzle!
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