Something to keep you warm


A massive thank you to all the Together yarn bombing crew, not only did your crochet skills add something special to the decor at Together they’re now making Shifra smile. screen-shot-2016-10-06-at-21-41-14

This is Shifra. She’s an amazing little girl – from her massive smile and lust for life you’d never imagine what she’s been through.

Shifra was born in Bwaise, when she was just 3 months old when her Mother died leaving her with her father.

Her father didn’t care for her, she wasn’t fed regularly or bought clothes. He would come back to the tin shack they lived in to sleep and leave her there alone all day.

Neighbours would come and give her little food when they could.

When she was 4, he abandoned her completely – he just walked away one day and never came back.

She was found by Rukia, one of the network of awesome women Awamu work with in Bwaise (one of the worst slums areas in Kampala), on a routine visits in the community after a neighbour reported that a little girl had been abandoned in the house.

She was extremely malnourished and weak, she had nothing but a torn t-shirt to her name and weighed a pitiful 10kg.

The team took her straight to the hospital, where she was immediately given medicine and peanut butter at the hospital to boost her weight and energy.

She was given a few temporary places to stay but now she has a home where she is truly loved as part of the family.


Before moving in with Nabuule, Shifra had never slept in her own bed or had any possessions of her own,  her new blanket has pride of place on her new bed.

An extra special thank you to Miko Coffee, Annie Burge, Vannie Baldry, Fiona Egan, Kate Nappier and Kerry Pilbeam for making sure even the decor at Together had an impact beyond the weekend.

Yarn bombing at Together 2016