Sunflower challenge activity pack


Fun activities you can download and share with your children


Welcome to our Sunflower Learning Page!

Below you will find information and fun activities you can download and share with your children to support their learning and inspire them about the world around them.

Remember this is a global challenge, people all round the world will be joining in including Winnie (pictured below) and the other children awamu work with in Kampala.

By contributing to our food gardens project and taking part in the challenge you're helping to make sure Winnie doesn't go to school hungry,  which means she can concentrate in class and get the education that is vital to her future.

Don't forget to keep an eye on our website and facebook page to learn more about your friends in Kampala and track the progress of your fellow competitors.

Please keep us up to date on the progress of your flower or flowers by posting your photos on our facebook page, by using the hash tag #awamugrowoff on instagram and twitter or by emailing – we’ll retweet and share your progress with everyone else taking part.

Our activity pack contains a sunflower growing guides, your sunflower growth tracking sheets (vital in once your plant start sprouting!) plus information about the life cycle of a sunflower and a fun sunflower mask making activity.

Click on this link to download your Sunflower Activity Pack: AwamuSunflowerPack

Please remember to print the activty sheets on A3 at full scale (don't shrink to fit if you want the mask template the right size!).

Winnie learning about planst square
Winnie learning about planst square