Sunflower challenge June update


See how your fellow compettitors are performing in our Sunflower growing challenge...


Michelle Hancock: Homemade heightchart: our biggest sunflower is now 2.5ft tall 😀🌻😃🌻 #awamu #greenfingers #sunflower #sunflowerchallenge #awamugrowoff


Jon Matthews: I think you'll find the 1st prize winners here.....if the ants don't eat them first...


Pier Leighton: Coming on nicely (Awamu 1st prize winner, far left) — with Lisa Gatherar


Alan Freeman: Finally got round to re-potting the survivors (down to 8 from the original 12 now). It may even get warm enough to plant them outside soon....Yorkshire's cold! — with Wilson Freeman.


Joey Leech: Getting big in Bristol. This is my & Michelle Owen's champion!


Vive La Viv: My Awamu babies in manchester. That one on the far right is on a proper mission to get high. It's been ahead of the game since the start.


Joe Wilkes: I've got big 'uns and small 'uns (different variety). I'm just over 6ft, and they are in quite large planters, but quite happy so far! Sorry about the green backdrop - not helpful I realise.


Kate Napier: Seem to have stopped growing since planting out!


Kate Napier: 1 week later...!

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James Murrell: For want of a tape measure, I use a beer can to measure the tallest sunflower so far...I reckon 2 and a half cans #awamu #awamugrowoff #allotment #sunflower #beer #johnsmiths #competition #winning #gonnawin #survivedthebigwind


Bella Grandi: Sunflower update: I now have 2 long window boxes, each with 3 plants and 1 solo plant, so out of 10 seeds that sprouted 6 are very healthy and 1 is touch and go, the others got munched.


Emma Scullion: as we're on a sunflower off...they're no prize winners but my Kent awamu sunflowers have survived this far!


Christine McAleavey: Still slow cos of cold Yorkshire but doing ok.


@caterpillarcircus The suns out and so are the flowers. This is one for of our compettion #sunflowers. Fingers crossed the remaining sunflowers grow a little bigger #awamugrowoff

Now, the following scenes from outside the office in Makerere, Kampala may cause distress to those of us in colder climbs....but remember you still have until September for the final measuring day!


Mugabi Peter: Nulu struggles to touch the flower.


Mugabi Peter: As promised our sunflowers are the tallest and biggest.

We hope you are enjoying being part of the awamu sunflower've helped us raise £1,802 towards of food garden project so far.

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