wheni grow up

The larks that can be had with this! Post your aspiration (or your children's aspirations) on the Together Facebook page. We want to see what you want to be when you've grown into an even older you!

We work with awesome, determined children in the slums of Kampala who wanted to share their dreams and aspirations with us. In fact, they chose the theme for the party.

Everyone has dreams, theirs are inspiring.

Awamu is helping children through school, our first 14 children recently graduated to secondary school and they have their eye on the future.

Due to the extreme poverty they live in, most children in the slums drop out of education to try earn money to help their families survive; few make it on to secondary school. But with your support we are changing the landscape, building gardens where kids can grow their own food, supporting them with education grants, uniforms, books and pens so that they can aspire for brighter futures.

Your support through Together really counts, we are grateful to everyone involved... to all of you donating your time and energy, all the artists and everyone that has bought a ticket. By way of a thank you, we'll be posting pictures of what WE want to be when we grow up too...

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