Thank you for standing by women like Grace

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A huge thanks to everyone that responded to our appeal to help Grace provide a home for young children who have just lost their mum.
Grace and volunteers like her are the driving force behind transforming the lives of children in the slums of Bwaise and Makerere.
Along with forty other women, whose families have all been similarly affected by extreme poverty and HIV, she gives up her time and energy to help the most vulnerable in her community.
This network of women walk the streets of the slums in search of children and adults in need of their support. They encourage adults to confront their fears and help them navigate the medical system. They offer care and protection to those, who are too weak to look after themselves or their families. They provide safety and care for orphans. 
Their support can mean the difference between life and death in the community.

The money raised has helped us enrol all the children into school – covering their school fees, uniforms schools and books, shoes and pens.  
For Grace, taking on the children means more mouths to feed, more clothes to buy, more medical bills. The pressure of this increase on daily expenses will spread her tiny income of 3,000 ugx a day even thinner (that’s less than 60p a day to feed 9 people).

But there is no other safety net, she knows the alternative is the streets or an institution and she can’t stand by and let that happen.
With the start-up seed money you’ve helped us to provide and her hard work and drive – she’s determined the children will get a stable home life after the trauma they have been through.
We are once again blown away by the selflessness of the women we work with.
Women whose own lives are a daily struggle for survival but who are still willing to share what little they have.
Thank you for standing by women like Grace – everyday heroes making changing lives in their community.

Awamu Together