The winners of the 2016 International Sunflower Challenge are...


There are two opportunities for victory in the Awamu sunflower challenge - both tallest flower and widest face flower are up for grabs. Who has won the 2016 challenge? 

Tallest Flower 


First: Michael and Laura Page at 325cm


Whoa! Congratulations, you beat last years winning height by 67cm. We need to know your secret.

Runner up: Richard Guy at 265cm, just beating last years record by 7cm.


Widest Face Flower


First: Richard Guy at 18cms14237559_10155182037454348_3672191695720414984_n

Runner up: Amy & Alistair Twiname at 15.24cms


A huge thank you to everyone that took part, your support is helping mums in Kampala feed their children – you’re amazing!

Although last years record for height was beaten - no one came close to growing a face as wide as Wilson's last years. Here are last years results for comparison...

Name Where? Height Width
Robert Johnston & pupils at Southfields Academy South London, UK 258cm 19cm
Hancock Family Somerset, UK 229cm
Nulu Nabunya Makerere, Kampala, Uganda 220cm
John Matthews Kent 216cm
Wilson Freeman Yorkshire, UK 174cm 24.5cm


Read more about our International Sunflower Challenge and how it is helping to change the lives of families in the slums of Kampala here.