Ways to help – donate your old digital camera


If you’ve upgraded & have any old or unused digital cameras perhaps you would consider donating them to us. Our women’s groups in Kampala really needs them to help keep records of children’s progress, gather evidence to protect them & feedback to funders.

We’re also planning a special project with some of the children we are work with – helping them to keep diaries about their lives, friends and families.

I’ve managed to gather about six cameras and we are urgently in need of twelve more to make it happen (though more would be a dream!).

If you haven’t got one you might have friends that do – please help us by tweeting, facebooking, emailing or (even!) talking to your friends, relatives and contacts to see if they can help.

I’m leaving for Uganda on the 11th of February (2012) so this we only have a month to get them together!

Please get in touch as soon as possible if you can help.


Many thanks,


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