We're celebrating the bank holiday with discounts on our range of ethical children's clothes, gifts and accessories


We're celebrating the impending bank holiday in the UK by offering a discount of £5 on any order over £30 from our shop to all our facebook and twitter friends.

The offer starts today and ends at midnight on Monday the 7th of May.

  • How do I get the discount?

We have uploaded the code on our facebook page or will message you if you follow us on twitter, you simply enter the code when you’re paying for your order at the check out of our shop.

  • But I’m not your friend yet!

It’s never too late, we love making new friends and we really need your help to spread the word about our project so please ‘like’ our facebook page or follow us on twitter to see the discount code (or follow this blog and we’ll send you the code) - sharing is caring!

  • What is it you do again?

We are a social enterprise  - we are passionate about handmade, ethical production and building a connection between you and the amazing women who put time, skill and loving care into making our products for you.

For every beautiful item produced and sold there is an equally beautiful change happening in the communities of our tailors in Kampala – every penny raised through sales and donations is used to support orphaned children in need and will train more women with the skills they need to support their extended families.

Each item is labeled with the name of the women who made it and you can now see photos of the maker next to each item they have crafted in our shop.

Two of our crafts women - Sarah Kabenge and Salima Najjingo - wanted to explain for themselves how training in tailoring has changed their lives so we made this short film for you.

Our next challenge is to raise the funding to start a skills training programme for 20 women who will then go to train another 80 women.

We are finalising the programme right now but it will cost around £350 per persons for a intensive 6 month course which should equip each of them with the ability to earn an income and the children in their care.

We'll bring you more on this soon.

Happy holidays from awamu