Awamu Radio Kampala Ep.02: A Kampala Christmas tale

In this second episode Brandon, Tonny, Ibra and Latif talk about what Christmas means for children in their community; from the excitement of preparing Christmas lunch, to the presents and treats they share and enjoy on Christmas Day. Then Tonny interviews Joshua about his big plan to rear pigs so he can buy a red bicycle.

This is a special Christmas episode in our series of podcasts designed to bring the voices of the young people we work with to the world. Awamu Radio is a platform for them to share their stories, thoughts and hopes whilst learning these new skills that build their confidence, communication skills, and critical thinking.

It's aim is to help give them, the most powerless in society, a platform to talk about the things that are important to them. And, most importantly, have fun doing it.

Vegetarians beware, this episode contains descriptions on how to prepare a chicken for lunch. 

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Rui Teimao