Setting up a regular gift is quick and easy to do and could change a child's life forever



£25 a month could cover the cost of school fees, uniforms, jumpers, shoes, text books, pens and pencils for one child.  Set up a gift now



£50 a month will have a huge impact in Kampala, you're donation could give a whole family support - ensuring children can go to school and their guardian gains the skills she needs to improve her earning potential, regain control of her life and give the children in her care a better start in life.

Set up a gift now.

£15.31 a month could cover the cost of a community volunteer,  helping them to seek out children who have been orphaned, abandoned or abused, ensuring they adhere to their medication, never miss a hospital appointment, that they feel safe and have someone to turn to when they are scared.



£10 a month could help a mum or guardian like Teddy to gain skills that will improve their earning potential and a small start up loan to get her business off the ground so she can regain control over her life and look after her family.

£5 a month could help us give children little extras that will make a huge difference like supplying the older girls with washable sanitary towels so they don't have to miss school or our vital sexual reproductive health and peer counselling session so children can learn how about their rights and protect themselves.