awamu abc...M is for Magic Lantern


Our alphabet of fundraising is picking up a pace and today we bring you the letter M  (we did resreve the right not to do the letters in order!).....

M: Magic Lantern Film night – Trading with the Devil  on the 31st of May in Bristol

On the Holy eve of Tuesday the 31st of May you are invited to the most historic Magic Lantern event to date. This will be the oldest, darkest and most mysterious screening of 2011.

100% of the money raised from the Magic Lantern will go towards helping our kids in Kampala and a £5 donation for this event is very much appreciated, payable on the night.

There are limited places at the screening so please order your ticket now to guarantee a place on the magic lantern site

On Tuesday 31st May 2011 meet your guide at the entrance of ruins of St Peter’s church, Bristol  at 7.15 pm.......pease choose your religion before the evening.

MA HA HA <slightly spooky laugh>........