awamu needs you..


I’ve finally got round to putting up some photos from our mini shoot a few months ago – you can see them all on our facebook page here. The best ones were taken by Miko Coffey who volunteered her time to help us out.

In fact everyone involved volunteered their time to help us out - little Beatrice, Reggie and Esme were fantastic – it reminds me we did have sunshine at one point in the year!

We need your help to spread the word about what we are trying to do with our friends in Kampala.

If you ‘like’ our facebook page or share us with your friends and post on the page to let us know you have done it - we will give you one of our colourful purses (boys you can always give it to a special friend!) or a 25% discount off your next purchase as a special gift this July to show you that we ♥ you…..

Please spread the word.