Big up our volunteers!


#volunteersweek is a great excuse for us to thank each and every one of you again. All Awamu's work, both in the UK and through our partners in Uganda, is driven by volunteers.

T0 everyone involved in Together, anyone that's baked a cake, put on a event, swum the equivalent of the English Channel, asked you company to support us, put on a raffle, cycled hundreds of miles, built us a website, crocheted a tree, grown sunflowers, made us a mix, donated coffee, cleaned a toilet (!) - to the help of all the awesome women that give their time and energy to go out into their community visiting hundreds of children every week to ensure they are adhering to their meds, that they never miss a hospital appointment, that they are safe and have someone to turn to when they are scared, to those teaching agriculture, tailoring, sexual reproductive health, crafts, drama, dance and music...

The list could go on and on, the point is - your support means everything to us - thank you.