Building links - from Clydebank to Kampala


This morning some exciting packages arrived from the pupils of Kilpatrick school in Clydebank for their new friends in Kampala.

kilapatrick packages

I feel very lucky that I have been sent one too, I've opened mine and it contained a beautiful Awamu-Kilpatrick-Together bracelet.

The pupils are Kilpatrick are the selling these beautiful bracelets to raise money for our new food project that will help mums in the slums of Kampala grow food for the vulnerable children in their care....and they've already raised an amazing £200 (enough for two gardens!).

You can buy one of their beautiful bracelets from their folksy shop.

kilpatrick barcelet

They've also sent these brilliant drawings for Jaliya and children in Kampala - packages and drawings are already winging their way to Kampala.

kilpatrick drawings