We love you!


A special message for you from Winnie and Fatuma this valentines day...

valentines heart

My name is Fatuma Nabitalo, my daughter Winnie is 12 years old and is now in school because of the support you have given to awamu.

Winnie has  made this drawing to thank you and share love and thanks from our whole family to you.

I'm so proud of Winnie, she can now read books so well. She's well behaved and works very hard at school. I tell her if she studies well she can be whatever she want to when she grows up.

Our family have been through very bad times - my husband killed himself after he found out he was HIV positive.

I struggle alone to find enough money to feed us and my three children were not in school as I couldn't afford the fees.

I could not sleep as I feared all the time what would happen to us.

When I was told awamu would help Winnie it was like light had come into our lives.

There is an expression 'lightening doesn't strike twice' but for us it has. I have also gone back to school!

I applied to join the awamu tailoring school and was accepted. I learning how to sew and make a business. I am have already started making repairs for my neighbours and have made a uniform for Winnie.

I feel like the whole family is now moving forward into a new life.

Sibba bulungi (have a lovely day!)

Fatuma and Winnie