Contraband literature, secret locations and cake!

Magic Lantern Film Club has done it again - their magical night of adventure and film has raised £681.15!!!  The crowd met in the Millennium Square to be guided Bristol Central Librarywhere the head ‘non-reader’ Andrew Cox revealed that ten incinerators were in constant use to rid the city of dangerous books (have you guest what the film was yet?)..

60 lucky ticket holders were immersed into a future  society where books are outlawed and "firemen" burn any that are found*. 

Agent Jennings was on hand to secure attendees in the holding pen before they were briefed on entry to the incinerator room. Contraband literature was taken from attendees and placed in the first incinerator by operatives Browning and Browning. Full of books, the button ‘451’ (the degree Fahrenheit at which paper supposedly burns) was pressed and the books were duly torched*.

Thank you to everyone that took part especially the Magic Lantern Team - you've raised over £4650 through their magical film nights.

*no books were burnt or even mildly injured during this event!!