Could you help get Queenie into school?


You may remember Grace from our recent messages about the flooding in Bwaise when huge storms caused water to rise and it washed filthy water from open sewers into their house with such force it washed away or contaminated their few possessions including clothes, bedding and vital ARV medication.

Because of you we were able to give her a helping hand to get back on her feet.

Queenie is 10 years old but you wouldn’t know it from her tiny stature.

Grace, is one of our community volunteers, she first met Queenie around eight months ago when she found her looking after her mum who was so ill and weak she had become bedridden.

Grace visited the family regularly, helped them both get access to healthcare and supported them in their home so Queenie didn’t have to shoulder the burden of caring alone.
Sadly, after a long illness, her mum died three month ago.

When her mum was taken to be buried in the village she came from, Queenie was also taken back to live with her elderly grandma, her only known relative.

Grace worried about the little girl and, some weeks after she had gone to live with her grandma, she requested the cost of transport and went to visit her.

What she found was shocking; Queenie was ill so sick she couldn’t even sit up.

Her grandmother was unable to look after her and agreed Grace could bring her back to Kampala to get treatment.
Although Queenie is still frail, she is on the road to recovery.

She loves living with Grace, she has given her a stable family life and lots of love and care. But as she is guardian for five other children in her house, her own daughter, orphaned grandchildren and another foster child she needed a little extra help to make sure she can give Queenie the chance to thrive.

With your help we can help enrol Queenie into school next February.

We need someone (or a group of friends) willing to support with a regular donation of £25 a month.

That way we can make a commitment to Queenie in the long-term, ensuring she get the education, skills and support that is vital to her future.

Of course, we’d LOVE and appreciate your help in any way you can offer it.

If you can’t help at this time please share in case someone else can. Thank you.

Awamu Together