Welcome to our new website and ep.1 of Awamu Radio podcast

Yes! Welcome, welcome, welcome to our new website and our first Awamu Radio podcast. 

❤ Episode one: Welcome to Kampala

This is the first in a series designed to bring the voices of the incredible young people we work with in Bwaise and Kikoni, the poorest slums areas of Kampala, Uganda, to the world.

In this episode Daphine explains why she loves dancing and music. Marvin talks about his education – you might be surprised at the duties of a prefect in a Ugandan high school! And Hope and Matovu Ian tell you about where they live.

❤ Share and tell the world

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We hope you’ll enjoy the show and tell the world! 

Awamu is 100% run on volunteer power in the UK and our beautiful new site was built for us by Miko Coffey at Using My Head

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