Help! We urgently need to raise £53, 812 by the end of the year.

Dear friends,

Thanks to your support Awamu is having a huge impact on the lives of children in Kampala.

You make it possible for children like Shifra and Fahad to get an education, to be healthy

and be part of a family that loves them.

Sadly, we’ve had some news which could put our work at risk and, without our support, the health and lives of children are at risk too.

The long-term funder of the women’s groups we work with has, without warning, had to cut their support. Support without which Nabuule and volunteers like her cannot continue the crucial, life-saving work they do in their community.

They are the driving force behind transforming the lives of children like Fahad and Shifra in the slums of Bwaise and Kikoni.

Every child deserves somebody like Nabuule on their side.

Nabuule is a widow and a mother, many of her own family have died of AIDS related illnesses. She is the sole provider for own children, her sister who has lost her sight, her sisters children and two foster children - Fahad and Shifra.

Yet along with a network of other women, who have all been affected by HIV, she gives her time and energy to help the most vulnerable in her community.

They walk the streets of the slums seeking out children and adults in need of their support, encouraging adults to confront their fears, navigate the medical system and offer care and protection to those who are too weak to look after themselves or their families.

They reach out to children like Shifra and Fahad who have been orphaned, abandoned or abused, ensuring they adhere to their medication, never miss a hospital appointment, that they feel safe and have someone to turn to when they are scared.

Their support means the difference between life and death for the most vulnerable in their community.

Their office/workshop space is a safe haven in their community – it’s where all meetings and training take place. It’s the first place people go to seek help or information and it is often a temporary home for children and families who have nowhere else to go.

Due a drop in the value of the pound the long-term funder of both the women’s groups we work with has, without warning, been unable to continue their support. They found themselves suddenly needing to cut their own staff and projects they support.

This leaves children’s health and lives at risk if we can’t support our network of volunteers to continue this work in their communities.

Whilst this news has accelerated our plans, it has always our intention to grow our support in Kampala, so we’re taking this news as a challenge.

Now we need your help to ensure Nabuule and team can continue this vital work and reach more children like Shifra.

We hope Together will give us a head start on raising the funds we need. Thank you to everyone helping to make this an amazing event.

Our greatest hope is that we find friends who are willing to support us with a regular gift of £15.31 a month.

That way we can make a commitment to the children we work with in the long-term, ensuring they get the education, skills and support that is vital to their future.

Could you help us by setting up a regular gift today?

We would love and appreciate your help in any way you can offer it. Please see our key costs below and other ways you can help.

Love and thanks for all your support,


How many people will you be helping?

To date Awamu are supporting 116 children in school, our community food gardens are helping over 610 children and 570 adults gain access to food, learn business skills and save and over 2880 have learnt new, income generation skills through our training programmes.

This will help will help us continue and grow that work as well as reach another 2245 children (660 who are under 5 years) and 1785 adults (including mothers and at risk young women who are sex workers).

Can you claim gift aid on my donation?  

Our CIC is in the process of being transformed into a charity, we have been given approval by the Charity Commission and, if all goes as planned, we should be position to start claiming gift aid by the end September.

Run by volunteers so your donation can have a bigger impact in Uganda.   

Awamu is 100% run by volunteers in the UK, we don’t have an office space and very few overheads which means your gift have a bigger impact in Uganda.

We need to raise £53, 812 by Christmas. Our key costs are:


could cover the cost of one of our volunteer care givers for a whole year. That’s £15.31 a month.


a month could school fees, uniforms, jumpers, shoes, text books, pens and pencils for one child like Shifra.


could cover the cost of the stationery for one volunteer for a year (so they have the tools to can monitor children’s progress)


could pay for our workshop and office space for a whole year, giving us the space to train over hundreds of vulnerable women and girls in skills that will help them escape sex work, regain control over their lives.


could cover the cost of power internet for a year for one workshop for a whole year allowing us to gather data, monitor children’s progress, access information and communicate with the outside world.


could cover the cost of maintaining our sewing machines for a year.


will help us run our entire tailoring programme for a year (that's around £24.60 per woman trained).