Meet Fahad - he wants to be pilot

Fahad has been living on the street for two years when our team found him - he smelt of sewage, his cheek was swollen from an infection and he had an untreated wound on his leg from being hit by a motorcycle.


He had been sent to Kampala to live with his grandfather and step grandmother by his father when he was seven because his new wife didn't want other children in her family.

His step grandmother didn't want to care for Fahad either and beat him regularly.

She made him go into the filthy river around the slums (which all the open sewers empty into) forcing him to collect discarded plastic bottles.

She would clean the bottles and sell them on to juice vendors; this would make her around 200 shillings (4p) a day.

After months of beatings from her, Fahad decided not to go back to their house.

He met a gang of boys who spent the day collecting bottles and trying to earn money, at 7pm when the sun sets they climb down into a drains to sleep.

The older boys turned on him and started taking any money the earned from collecting bottles, so he ran away again and wandered the streets begging for food.

A stranger who had given him some food told him about 'a nice group of women' and he nervously hung around near our women's group offices where he was spotted by Rukia, our Children's Counsellor.

Rukia explains 'He was very nervous when I first met him, eventually he came into speak to us. He was filthy and it took a whole jerry can of water to clean him. His sores have been cleaned up and he is a completely different colour now to what he was before - he has already started looking healthy now'

The team have contacted his family but they are refusing to have anything to do with him.

He has been taken in by Nabuule Shalowa, a wonderful women who has welcomed Fahad into her family.

Nabule is looking after six other children in her extended family, but she explained 'When I met Fahad I knew I must welcome him to our home, he is such a good boy and the other children are thrilled that they have a new brother.'

Nabule is determined to ensure that Fahad has a safe, loving home but as she is already caring for six children she can't afford the school fees for another child.

We're now trying to raise the funds to be able to enrol Fahad into school in the new term - if you are able to help please do let us know.... or you can set up a Direct Debit right now.


Fahad with Nabule and his new family 'We love having a new brother.'


Fahad is a bright boy who wants to learn, he told Nabule 'I want to get knowledge so I can become a pilot.”


Fahad has his own bed and is feeling safe, loved and part of a family.