First day happiness


Thank you - because of your support Brian has just joined his sister Vivian at Primary School. brian

You may remember Brian from some of our recent messages.

Brian and his sister were given a safe home by the heroic Sarah when their mother died last year.

Vivian was already enrolled in school at the time, Brian was only 6 and hadn't started school yet.

He missed his sister terribly when she was at school and, whilst Sarah can give him a loving home, we knew she could not afford his school fees or uniform so we put out a call for help.

Now, thanks to support of awesome and amazing people like you, Brian has just joined his older sister Vivian at Primary School.

Vivian told us that he was so excited the night before he could hardly sleep!

Brian has joined Reception Class and will walk to school with Vivian everyday.

He is quite shy but wanted to show you his new uniform which he is very proud of.

Thank you to everyone for magic this magic, exciting day possible.

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brain 2

brain 3

Everyone looking smart for the first day of school - and ready for action!