I'm so happy I am back at school


I made these drawings for the ones who have helped me to go to school so you can see some things about me. My name is John Kakooza, I am 13 years. I live with my uncle and his wife in Bwaise along with three of their children.     Kakooza John drawing This is me in yellow kit playing football, it is my favourite game. Yellow is the colour of Uganda's football club, they are called The Cranes. When I think about my  mother, she is cooking food for me and my sister like this. My sister is playing football with me and when I am older I will get a car so I can visit my sister       Kakooza John drawing These are some things like around the house where I stay. My favourite is the radio because I like music. Thank you for helping me to go to school. John Kakooza 3 I came to Kampala after my grandmother, who was taking care of me in the village, died. My parents passed some years before my grandmother and my only relatives are my uncle and his wife. But they never liked me and used to treat me badly because I the know I was born with HIV. They refused to send me to school and I was told to do the housework ut all the other children in the family would play and go to school. Rukia, one of Tusitukirewamu’s (awamu's project partners in Bwaise) volunteers got to know about me and asked the family to allow them to support me to go back to school. When awamu took over my education needs in 2013, I joined primary two and I also got a smart uniform and books and pens. I am still remembering the feeling I had on my first day back at school - I was so happy and I made a good friend. When I wake everyday I wish it is a school day. When I grow up I want to be a doctor so I can help people like my grandmother when they are sick. Rukia visits me everyday to check on me. She talks to my family where I stay and it has helped. I hope with time I will be fully accepted as part of the family. Siiba bulungi (this means have a nice day in l'uganda) John