"the worst giant lizard film of all time"


An indulgent evening of bad film for awamu!

Our friends at the fabulous Bristol Bad Film Club are getting ready to indulge us all in another night of truly terrible film.

Pulgasari (1985) by Kim Jong-Il (yes, the ruthless North Korean dictator) has been dubbed the “worst giant lizard creature film of all time”.

The film tells the tale of a starving village under threat from a selfish leader (irony alert!) who bring to life the titular monstr (created with rice and blood) to overthrow the evil dictator.

This one is going to be very special - and all the profits will come to awamu!

When: 8.00pm, 22nd May 2014

Location: The Cuban, Harbourside, BS1 5SZ

Tickets: £5 (in advance)/£6(on the door)

All profits going to Awamu - you can buy tickets here