A message from Sarah in Kampala


Whether buying, donating, fundraising, volunteering or advising you will have been inspired by the women and children, who through your support, have been working to change lives in their community. Sarah Kabenge, one of our best Tailors, is currently recovering from attack of malaria but she asked to pass on a message to everyone that has supported our project:

Sarah working at her sewing machine

 “I share my deep thanks. I’m now living happily, I can now afford to pay rent without struggle and look after my son Jackson where I used to worry so much. I can even help to support my siblings too”

“In my future I want to acquire more skills so that our Awamu project can grow and I can train more women to join us. We will all work hard to support the children that need our help here”

Together with our women’s groups and ActionAid Uganda we are in the process of developing a programme of vocational and business skills training and mentoring that will benefit more young women like Sarah and guardians of orphaned and vulnerable children.

You can find out more about Sarah and women we work with in this short video and see some of Sarah's beautiful dresses in our shop.

Sarah's baby Jackson taking a break from it all!