Our first year - THANK YOU


Amazingly, It’s now one year since we started awamu with our friends in Kampala. Already you have helped us to…

  • raise enough to support 20  children through seven years of primary school
  • helped six women earn extra income to support their families
  • given over 70 children the opportunity to leave the slums for the day – play and have fun.

Small numbers in the larger scheme of things but the impact on the women and children we work with is not something that can always be quantified in numbers – your support is fuelling the determination, energy and drive of everyone involved.

As Regina, guardian of 13 orphaned children, volunteer and our absolute hero at one of the women’s groups we work with in Kampala, told me;

It’s wonderful to know we have friends – it gives me hope and strength to continue our work”. 

So thank you all for your buying, donating, volunteering, cycling, baking, jam making, sewing, DJing, raffling, jumbling, photographing, advising and generally being wonderful.

This is just the start of the journey. We hope that you will join us for what lies ahead.

With love from us and all our friends in Kampala and the UK