'I'd stopped dreaming this dream.'

Here's something wonderful that you’ve made possible - Mirembe's first week back at school.

She has returned for the first time since her mother died two years ago.

At eight years old, she became a head of the household overnight, responsible for looking after her father (who is paralysed) and her younger brother Trevor, aged 6.

To help her family survive she left the house at around 6am to go door to door asking for work.

As a young girl alone on the streets, this left her incredibly vulnerable to the abuse and violence regularly experienced by women and girls in the slums where she lives.

If she was lucky, she could earn 2000 Uganda shillings a day (that’s less than 0.40p).

When she got home from work she had more chores; washing, sweeping, collecting water and, if there is any, cook food for her little brother and father.

She’d told us: ‘After my mum died I used to dream that I would wake up and go to school the next morning. But I stopped dreaming that dream now.’

The team could see she was giving up hope.

In August we asked if you could help us get Mirembe back into school, and now with your generosity, she's back in class!

Thank you.

Awamu Together