Severe flood in Bwaise


Whilst some parts of east Africa are suffering severe drought in Bwaise, Kampala heavy showers have caused severe flooding.

Bwaise is built on a swap, people have build their homes here because no one else wants to live here. Though Bwaise has experienced floods in the past, recently the situation has deteriorated. This is partly caused by the reclaiming of the nearby swamp by National Water and Sewage cooperation, the swamps used to act as catchment for water whenever it rains but now water just rises and washes through people's houses.


Most of the drainage channels are blocked by silt and garbage and the water just floods into the houses. The government privatised the rubbish collection and most of the families that live here cannot afford to pay for garbage collection. Houses in Bwaise are constructed without proper planning so people build homes in drainage channels and block what would have been runways for heavy rain water.

Regina, who has 12 children living with her in one room, lost everything she owns. Luckily the floods did not damage their house but most of her household and personal effects were destroyed. The children were not affected as they were still at school at the time it rained.

All the children in the community are ok but many have had their property destroyed or washed away.

Florence and team have estimated with Regina the cost of the lost items:

Item                                         Qty                                  Estimated cost in Ugandan shillings

Mattresses                             03 pcs                                210,000=

Blankets                                03 pcs                                  90,000=

Bedsheets                             03 pairs                               60,000=

Basins                                    04 pcs                                  12,000=

Cups                                                                                    20,000=

Sauce pans                                                                         35,000=

Total estimates                                                                  427,000=

This is about £103 - they have not included the costs for clothing and shoes as these were old. Some of our friends have already started giving donations to help her and we have £105 to help replace blankets and mattresses – brilliant news!

But we would love to be able to help replace some of the clothing and shoes for the children because they only have what they were wearing at the time.

We would love to be able to raise at least another £200 to help by a set of clothes for each of the children - if you would like to contribute please get in touch ASAP and I will let you know how –

Photos: Cat Sneath