Top marks!


After years of missing school, Nassiwa achieves the best grade in her class!

What a girl! You may remember Nassiwa (pictured) from when we asked for your help in March.

We asked for your support so we could help Milly and her children, Nassiwa (6 years) and her little brother, Shellat (4 years).

They had been staying in temporary accommodation that a well-wisher let the family use. No one else wants to live in it as it is damp all year round.

Heavy rains caused the water in the open sewers that surround her home to rise and flood through their home.

The filthy water washed away their few possessions and contaminated everything else.

With your help we were able to enroll Nassiwa and Shellat in school. Nassiwa had atteded reception but had been out of school for over nearly two years as her mum couldn't afford the fees.

And this term she achieved the best grades in her class. Congratulations Nassiwa - we're all so and proud of you.

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