Why we're cycling 258 miles to Amsterdam


In just 20 days our 19 strong team will start our 258 mile adventure from London to Amsterdam.

The team will be setting off from Greenwich and pedaling for four days to help mum's in the slums of Kampala create nutritious gardens to feed the vulnerable children in their care.

As little as £9.26  will cover the cost of training one mum transforming the lives of all the children in her care. We're aiming to raise enough to help 60 families  - as there are on average four children per family this project could have a huge imapct on over 240 of the most vulnerable children in the slums of Bwaise and Makererer.

Watch our film and let Grace and Regina explain just how vital this project is to the families we work with in Kampala and help us make it happen by sponsoring our  team.

We hope to have the gardens built and our first harvest early next year. We should start to see a difference in the health of the children and their ability to concentrate in school as many of the children s grades currently suffer as they go to school hungry.

And if you fancy getting involved in future cycles and events get in touch for more details.